Luxury Travel Factory: Better by experience

Our business background includes working for more than 25 years at the top level of management for the luxury travel brands of Carrier, International Travel Connections (ITC), Rani Resorts (Mozambique), Exsus and Western & Oriental Travel.

We've started businesses, saved businesses, changed businesses and evolved businesses...

And our consulting aim is to make your business stronger and more profitable in the ultra-competitive arena that is Luxury Travel.

We also can't emphasise the importance of your role in obtaining a successful outcome from any consultancy work. Without commitment to achieve an end result, you may as well keep your money in your pocket. Oh, and we're honest too, did we mention that?

You can have one the luxury travel industry's leading professionals working with you from inside (or outside) your business, for less than you think. Rates generally start from £775 per day...or completely free if you feel we've not aded any value to your business!

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